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May 16, 2006

"Dear Art,
I enjoyed meeting you and talking about art and medicine last night. Your Website and photographs are beautiful. I especially appreciate your nature oriented photographs. The composition of your tree scene is stunning. Are many of your nature photographs from this area? Hope to see you at future events."


May 21, 2005

"I just visited your web site, and I wanted to express my appreciation and respect for your terrific eye and excellent skills in black and white photography...

I just recently had a site done for my photography (still a work in progress), and my web designer informed me that it is a good idea to link my site with others that I like. I can't think of anyone's photography site that I would rather cross link with than yours..."

Rhea Malinofsky

April 9, 2005

"I love your photos. I am looking for black and white pictures of fruits and vegetables (close-up) with a rather "zen quality" for the waiting room of my bariatric clinic. Something very serene that shows the "nobility" of healthy foods..."

Christian Potter, MD

February 23, 2005

"congrats on your show...your work looks fabulous. There is so much detail in your images..."


February 2, 2005

"I happened upon your web site today, and just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. It's apparent to me that you have been doing this for a while, and have created an impressive body of work..."

Ed Pierce

January 6, 2005

"I stumbled across your site the other day and was so impressed I set up a link from my site located at to yours..."


November 27, 2004

"My name is Matthew Magruder. Its a bit strange how I came across your website. My father, Lawson Magruder, and mother are friends with Rick and Mary Rhoades. I'm a fellow photographer (although not by any means as accomplished) and your name came up in a conversation between my father and Rick Rhoades. I thoroughly enjoyed your photography.

Much like most photography website, I wish I could see the work in person as I know from my own experience that web presentation never does justice to true black and white prints. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed your work. The abstract pieces especially. I've been doing photography for a couple years now. I started out with 35mm and moved to medium format and have become obsessed with 4x5 and more so, my 8x10 and the resulting contact prints in silver gelatin and most recently, cyanotype and Van Dyke contacts. I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your work."

Matt Magruder

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Comments that I received from my eBay photography customers.

Excellent print. Very pleased. Highly recommend.
ras4x5 - May-01-01 04:33

beautiful print. very nice x-action. A++++++++++++++++++++
bf20176h80 - Feb-14-01 23:40

excellent photo. dealing with Art was a pleasure. Good commun, fast delivery
bb6155 - Feb-06-01 07:21

mikeflite - Jan-18-01 13:42

Truly an honor to deal with such an artist and a gentleman! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!
popfab - May-20-00 14:59

Exceptional gallery quality print! Truly a pleasure to deal with! THANKS! A+++++
popfab - Apr-10-00 06:06